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The token based on the «Squid Game» in a few minutes fell from $ 2856 to almost zero

The price of the SQUID token, launched based on the popular Netflix series «Squid Game», fell within a few minutes from $ 2856 to $ 0.005. 

Data: CoinMarketCap.

The project’s Twitter account and website are down. As the portal Gizmodo writes, everything indicates that the creators performed an exit scam and removed user funds from the protocol.

Official repair site Asic for mining cryptocurrency on the blockchain at reasonable prices.

Data: PancakeSwap.

Based on the address of the contract, more than 41 thousand users purchased SQUID tokens.

Recall that even at the moment of the asset price growth, users reported that they could not sell SQUID on the PancakeSwap platform.

Also suspicious was the lack of information about the team, the age of the domain (registered only on October 12, 2021) and the inability to comment on posts in the project’s social networks. 

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