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План урока английского языка «The Capital City of Australia»

Есильбаева Алима Картаевна,
учитель английского языка,
школа-гимназия №31, 

Aims of the lesson: Broaden Ss’ knowledge about the capital city.

Develop Ss’ skills in listening, speaking and reading. Activate the use of topical vocabulary. Develop critical thinking. Develop Ss’ skills of communication and self-assessment.

Resources: English texts; video (http://clickdiscounthotel.com/australia-travel-video-guide.html); Power Point presentation; flip charts; sheets of self -assessment.
Results: Know and can use topical vocabulary; can ask and answer the questions on the topic; can identify the main idea of the text; can work in pairs and groups.
Stage Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity


Organization moment. Division into 3 groups.

(3 min.)


Formation of positive atmosphere. Ss are given the parts of the printed pictures of Baiterek, Big Ben and Kangeroo in order to combine them.

Greet the teacher. Make up a circle and wish each other good luck on the lesson.

Name the pictures and take their seats in the groups.

Choose Speaker, Time-keeper and Estimator.

II. Warm-up.

(5 min.)

1)  “He that travels far knows much” (John Clarke) 

 What do people travel to other countries for?

2)  Encourages Ss to write

down on the flip charts the words they associate with the word “country”



Group Work. Individual work.

1)  Answer the questions.

(to learn foreign languages; to exchange experience;

to see new places;

to improve foreign languages;

to make new friends;

to get to know new traditions;

to have a rest, for pleasure).

2) Using the stickers write down the words.









III. Speaking. Revision of the previous topic.

(5 min.)

1)  The report of our school graduator Daniya Urazymbetova. She studies in this country.

2) Questions:

a) When was Australia discovered ?         b) Who was it discovered by?

c) When was the birth of the new nation            celebrated?

d) What is the official name of Australia?

e) What landscape is typical of Australia?

f)  Name the greatest rivers of Australia?

g) What animals live in Australia?

h) Name big cities of Australia.

i) What is the capital of Australia?


Whole Class.

1) Read,  give additional information.

2) Answer the questions.

IV. Introducing to the topic of the lesson.

(7 min.)

1) Video about Canberra.

2) Asks to guess the topic of the lesson.



Whole Class.

1) Watch,

2) guess the topic of the lesson.

3) make up the questions they would like to ask in order to learn about Canberra.

V. Work with the texts “The general information about Canberra”, “The History of Canberra”, “The landmarks of Canberra”. (10min).

1) Reading

2) Discussion

1) Asks Ss to choose one of the given envelopes.

2) Gives the instructions how to work with the texts. Listens, directs, watches.

3) Encourages Ss to make up a cluster on the texts.

4) Encourages Ss to make up 4 questions on the text.


Group Work. Criteria of evaluation.

Individual Work (reading).

Read and try to understand the texts.

Discuss the texts.

Make up the clusters.

Make up 4 questions.

VI. Presentation

(5 min).

Presentation of the clusters. The Speaker of each group presents a flip chart with the task.

Give their opinions.

Assess the presentations.

VII. Reflexion

Formal Assessment

(5 min).

Encourages Ss to share their opinions.

1) Checking up the knowledge of the students.



3) Free Microphone (2 Stars).




1)  Exchange the cards with the questions. Answer the questions.

2) Give their opinions.







3) Name two impressive moments of the lesson.


Home task Vocabulary;

“My Image of Australia”(for choice):

1) an essay; 2) a presentation; 3) a video.



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