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Календарно-тематический план по английскому языку в 7 классе в рамках обновления содержания образования

Казахстан, Акмолинская область, Жаркаинский район
Зерноградская ООШ
Учитель английского языка
Лузина Елена Хамбердовна

7 сыныптарға арналған күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар

Календарно-тематический план для 7 класса

Calendar Thematic Plan for the 7th  grade

2019-2020 оқу жылы/учебный год/academic year

UnitsDate of the lessonTopics



HoursLearning objectives 
                                     TERM I


Hobbies and Leisure 11Diagnostic test


 22Discussion about hobbies and leisure activities27.C4   7.S1  7.S2   7.L1   7.L2   7.L4
 44Presenting a table of information and statistics about young people in Kazakhstan27.C8   7.R1   7.C4   7.R2   7.R7   7.S1   7.S2   7.UE12   7.UE5    7.UE15
 66Getting to know about global leisure pursuits2
 88Creating a survey about the hobbies/leisure pursuits of either family and friends or of the class or the whole school (This relates to ICT)37.C4   7.C9   7.S3   7.S2 7.W8   7.UE12   7.UE5 7.UE15
 1111Unit Revision


Communication and Technology 1212Young people and technology (Social interaction)27.C2   7.S2  7.S7 7.UE17   7.UE6   7.L3   7.UE4
 1414Social networking websites27.C8   7.L5   7.L6   7.L7   7.L8
 1616Social Network Profile37.R1   7.R2   7.R3   7.W1   7.W5   7.W8
 1919Holding a debate about technology2
 2121Writing a formal letter about mobile phones being dangerous27.C3  7.C7  7.C10  7.S3   7.S5  7.S7  7.S8 7.L1 7.L7
 2323Summative assessment


 2424Revision lesson


                                     TERM II


Holidays and Travel 251Discussing unusual and interesting journeys across Kazakhstan and around the world17.C2 7.C6 7.S3 7.S4 7.R9 7.UE14 7.L1 7.L3 7.L4 7.L5 
 262Learning about map reading2 
 284Gathering information about festivals in Kazakhstan and around the world (Food / drink)27.C3 7.C8 7.R1 7.R27.S3 7.UE17 7.S4 7.S7 
 306The best places to visit in Kazakhstan2 
 328Making a brochure/leaflet27.C4  7.S4  7.S7  7.W2 7.W3  7.W5  7.W7 
 3410Writing an article for a school magazine or school e-zine about festivals or unusual and interesting journeys2 
 3612Unit revision


Space and Earth 3713Looking at the future and the environment


27.C5   7.C9   7.C10   7.L5 7.L8   7.S1   7.S3 
 3915The most environmental issues2 
 4117Looking at Science Fiction                                 (This relates to Literature)27.C4   7.S6   7.L1   7.R1 7.R4   7.R5   7.R6   7.W1 7.W3   7.W4 
 4319Writing a short science fiction story and/or a composition about life in the future2 
 4521Using ‘will’ for prediction27.R7   7.W6   7.W2   7.W3 7.UE4 
 4723Summative  Assessment


 4824Revision lesson


                                     TERM III


Reading for Pleasure 491Learners read   non-fiction  books in Kazakh, English, Russian languages27.C3   7.C8   7.L8   7.S8 7.UE15   7.UE2
 513Summarizing the chosen books2
 535Different activities, based on the content of the books37.C7   7.R9   7.UE3   7.R3 7.W4  7.S6 7.W3 7.L5 7.L7
 568Unit revision



Entertainment and Media


 579Focusing on TV programmes and films


27.C3  7.L3  7.S4  7.UE5 7.UE7  7.S3  7.C1  7.S5 7.S8  7.R3  7.R4
 5911Film reviews


 6113Reading and talking about film genres27.C7  7.L2  7.S3  7.S6
 6315Structure and criteria for a good film review2
 6517Writing a review about a film for a school magazine or e-zine27.С2  7.L2  7.UE4  7. UE3  7. W3  7.W4  7.W7  7.C5
 6719Unit revision


Natural Disasters 6820Looking at natural disasters in Kazakhstan and around the world37.C9  7.L4  7.L5  7.S4  7.S7 7.S8


 7123Discussion about Disaster statistics in Kazakhstan2
 7325Writing a newspaper article about a disaster for a school magazine or school e-zine27.C6   7.R2   7.R6  7.S5 7.W1   7.W3   7.W4   7.C8 7.L3  7.L4  7.L6
 7527Refugees and natural disasters2
 7729Summative  Assessment


 7830Revision lesson



                                    TERM IV


Healthy Habits  791Discussing healthy habits and healthy living and learning about the food pyramid27.C1  7.L4  7.S7  7.UE8 7.UE9 
 813Creating lists of healthy habits


27.C5   7.L5   7.L6  7.S6 7.UE9 
 835Health problems27.C1  7.L5  7.UE9  7.R9 7.W5  7.W9 7.R3 7.R5 7.S6 
 857Reading and discussing the texts. Creating the questions for interviewing the classmates2 


9Using the first conditional and subordinate clauses to discuss healthy living17.C7   7.L4   7.L5  7.S6 
 8810Writing a short paragraph of an essay about their family’ eating habits27.C1   7.C5   7.L6   7.S7  7.W4 7.W6 
 9012Revision lesson


Clothes and Fashion 9113Talking about shopping and shopping facilities


27.C9   7.S7   7.W8  7.UE10 7.UE3 
 9315Reviewing and adding to clothes and fashion vocabulary27.R2  7.R7  7.R8  7.W9 7.S6 
 9517Discussion: Learners first take notes on the advantages and disadvantages of shopping centers2


7.С1  7.C9   7.L3    7.L4    7.L6 7.L7       7.S5 
 9719Researching how clothes are made and materials used2 
 9921Using the passive voice. Writing a description of a person. Designing a uniform for Kazakhstani Olympic team27.C1   7.R1  7.R5  7.S7 7.W1  7.W6  7.W8  7.W9 
 10123Summative  Assessment


 10224Revision lesson


Total :              102 


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