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Методическая разработка урока по английскому языку в 10 классе на тему: “ Out and About”

Республика Казахстан,г.Астана
НУО «Экономический лицей»
Учитель английского языка
Грибанова Альбина Дамировна


  • Совершенствовать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком по теме ‘ Holidays’ по различным видам речевой деятельности: аудированию, говорению, чтению.
  • Развивать лексические навыки говорения, учить анализировать, выделять главное, сравнивать, строить аналогии и обобщать, развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи; извлекать и понимать основное содержание текста (ознакомительное чтение);

извлекать и интерпретировать всю информацию (изучающее чтение);

извлекать из текста только ту информацию, которая необходима для выполнения

конкретных  коммуникативных задач (просмотровое/поисковое  чтение);


  • Воспитывать уважение к культуре страны изучаемого языка, толерантности, умение работать в группе.



  • Задачи:
    • совершенствование произносительных навыков;
    • обогащение и усложнение словарного запаса по теме «Holidays»;
    • закрепление лексики;
    • совершенствование навыков самостоятельной работы с последующим извлечением конкретной информации;
    • совершенствование речевых умений:
      • умение подготовить индивидуальное сообщение по предложенной ситуации;
      • умение понимать на слух высказывания по теме;
      • умение строить и анализировать умозаключения;


  • Тип урока: комбинированный.


  • Используемые методы:
  • словесные, наглядные, практические, проблемно-поисковые, методы самостоятельной работы.



  • Оснащение:
  • Учебник Laser B 1 +;
  • Слайды с изображением стран мира;
  • Слайды по работе с пословицами;
  • Карта мира;
  • Слады с достопримечательностями Британии;
  • Схема Holidays;
  • Презентация о Лондоне;
  • Бланки оценок для уч-ся;
  • Аудио запись песни The Beatles ‘ Yellow submarine’, слайд со словами песни.



План урока


I   Оргмомент.


  1. Good morning everybody!

Glad to see you!

How are you?

All are present today, aren’t they?

To keep fit and healthy we should exercise, walk a lot and…( eat fruit and vegetables).

Our theme is ‘ out and about’.


What do we usually do when we start to have a new unit?


Today is the first lesson of the Unit 8. It includes 10 lessons .

During this lesson we talk, speak, show  and one of your tasks is give a mark to your classmates work. You have a sheet of paper with column of different activities. Tick or give marks there. Let’s see who is ready to be a tourist with good luggage ( I mean knowledge).



II   Введение в сюжет урока. Актуализация имеющихся знаний.


  • Remind me about the proverb-

Would you like to begin our lesson with proverbs?

Rome was not                             as the Romans do.

It’s a small                                  so many customs.

So many countries                      to Rome.

All roads lead                             built in one day.

When in Rome do                      world.


Good for you!

Well begun is half done!


  • What are these proverbs about?

You are right.

What countries have you visited yet?

And when can we visit any places and look at sightseeings?

Right. Our theme is – holidays !


  • There are so many kinds of holidays .
  • What types of holidays do you know?( Package holiday,  Sightseeing holiday, Cruise, Camping holiday, Backpacking holiday, Adventure holiday, Education holiday)


  • As usual what holiday do we go on?
  • What would you like to know in our leson?


III  Работа с текстом ( student’s book)


  • Let’s read teenagers’ reports about countries or places they visited.

Open students’ books and look through them.

Who are the authors ?

Which countries are mentioned?


Well. Now work in pairs. Read one of the reports and say which country is noticed and which advantages or disadvantages are proposed .

Is this country recommended?

( 4 minutes)



IV  Семантизация знаний (student’s book)


  • Your stories are exciting, thank you.

Now let’s use words and phrases from the box to complete the definitions.

Ex. 4 p. 69

(Destination, stopover, jetlag, souvenir, abroad, self-catering, resort, adventure holiday, brochure)


  • Have you ever been abroad?

What countries did you go to?

Do you want to tell us about your sightseeing holiday?

You may show us souvenirs you brought …

So there are a lot of places worthy to visit and see.



Проверка домашнего задания .


  • Good for you.

Now look at the board.

You have many sightseeings of  different cities of Britain.

Your task is to tell about one of them.

(slides of  castles, museums, race)

Does anybody want to share impression of visiting a capital-city of Britain?

(video about Britain during all this work)



  • I see you are tired.

Let’s play. Welcome to a London Quiz! Quiz is about London.


Does anybody want to share impression of visiting a capital-city of Britain?

(video about Britain during all this work)


VI  Обсуждение плана работы на следующий урок.


  • Let’s choose a way to travel over Britain. According to your knowledge you choose a kind of transport ( a bike, a train, a plane)


Guess the cities we visit during our holiday. Each stop means its purpose.

(teacher reads the main information about cities of Gr. Britain – London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Liverpool)


To choose the way of traveling


  1. This city is famous for the British rock group which became popular in 1960s.( Liverpool)


  1. This country  is  in the west of Great Britain. The symbol of  this country is the daffodil. The capital is …(Cardiff)


  1. This country  is situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland. The symbol of  this country is the shamrock.The capital is …(Belfast)


  1. This country  is in the north of Great Britain. The symbol of  this country is the the thistle.The capital is ….(Edinburgh)


  1. The heart of the United Kingdom. (London)


When students have an answer on the board appears the list of material they will learn during the unit.


  • Start thinking.
  • Read reports on different holidays.
  1. Cardiff
    • Grammar clinic
    • Full infinitives (with to) and – ing forms
    • Vocabulary builder
    • Travel and tourism
    • Word formation: irregular forms
    • Magic metaphors
  1. Belfast
  • Listen about a recent holiday
  • Listen to the interview
  • Use of English
  • Prefer, would rather, had better
  • Parts of speech
  1. Edinburgh
  • Write a letter of application
  • Complete the set
  • Look back
  1. London
  • Show you know!
  • Review
  • Unit Test 8


  • Our first point of destination is Liverpool. This city is associated with the Beatles.


We are going to visit other cities on an unusual transport . Do you know what kind I mean?

Yes. Sure.

Let’s sing the song “ A yellow submarine”.

What is this song about?

Yes, it’s all we need on a good holiday.


VII  Домашнее задание.


Your  homework is the texts in SB p.68-69, WB p.52-53.

Look at the board – please choose your homework.


Level  A

A plane


To prepare a presentation and be ready to ask questions about it.

Level B

A train


To compose a dialogue using the information from the texts

Level C

A bike


To read the texts and write 15 questions about it.



Look at the board . Next point is ‘Grammar’.




VIII Подведение итогов урока.


  • And now tell me ,please, what you would visit if you had a chance and why.

Use this phrase for your answer.


If I had a chance I would travel to (visit) _______, because I like _____ .


You ‘ve done a lot today and I enjoyed working with you.

Name look at your lists of marks and name the best person in your mind.




Destination –the place where someone or something is going


Stopover –a stop during a journey , especially during a flight


Jetlag – a period of time delay


Souvenir – something that you buy to remind you of a place that you visited on holiday or of a special event


Abroad – in or to a foreign country


Self-catering – the job of organizing the food and drinks for an event such as a party or meeting


Resort – a place where people go for a holiday


Adventure holiday – an exciting  unusual holiday with some dangerous  experience


Brochure – a small magazine containing details of goods or services that people can buy