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Museums in Kazakhstan

Казахстан, Мангистауская область, г. Актау
Средняя школа №1
учитель английского языка 
Калина Ольга Давудовна
Aim: to speak & discuss about museums and symbols of KZ
View: interactive board, book
1. Org.moment: Hello!
Today we have a theme about museums in Kazakhstan. Also we will speak about symbols of our country. *slide 1* *slide 2* you can see 4 sentences. Let’s read and translate them. Now please, tell me : What is the common word of these expressions? – BOOK *slide 3* What role can book play in our life? It teaches, it gives some advice, it entertains I want to remember you about our theme. What is the name of it? Museums in KZ How do we call the museum which shows the exhibition of books? BOOK MUSEUM.
2. Reading & speaking: *slide 4* let’s read it. Answer the question What is importance of Book Museum ( it shows the history of Kazakh literature) Look at this museum *slide 5* Have you ever been there? When? Did you like it?
3. Writing: Besides Book Museum in Almaty there are other museums in KZ I suggest you to meet this info. But before it you should write some new words down. *slide 6*
4. Reading & speaking: *slide 7, 8* read the texts and answer the questions What other museums are there in KZ ( Z/Z/ museum, Geology museum) What are they famous for? ( Z/Z/ is famous for the literary of famous Kazakh poet) (Geology museum is famous for ancient culture and modern art) Who was Z/Z/? (he was a poet) What do poets write? (poems) *slide 9* Now let’s read the poem about one of the symbols of our republic. What is the symbol? *slide 10* poem (students read) Where does this symbol represent? (Flag) What other symbols of our republic do you know? (Anthem, emblem)
5. Writing: match the words with their definitions Freedom, independent, power, greatness *slide 11*
6. Conclusion: discuss with students passed material of the lesson answering the question What have you known today about? 7. Home work: *slide 10 * prepare the project on one of the museums in KZ
Ссылка на материал: https://yadi.sk/i/kUOkV8tM3AjEuV
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