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План урока английского языка «Brilliant Violin Soloist»

Есильбаева Алима Картаевна,
учитель английского языка,
школа-гимназия №31, 

The aim: development  speaking skills


  • to practise using vocabulary
  • to train to read and speak about the famous violinist
  • to practise giving opinions
  • to teach to make a poster.

Resources: cards, tables, pictures




  1. Organization moment (group work)

Students are given the parts of the printed musical instruments (the guitar, the dombyra, the violin, the bagpipes) in order to combine them. Then they name the names of these instruments and predict the theme of the lesson.

Teacher:  Do you like these instruments?  Do you play any musical instrument?


  1. Warm-up (pair work)

     Students are given the worksheets “Music”. The task is: use the words in the box to fill in the blanks below. Write your own answers.

Vocabulary: are;  concerts;  dislike;  how;  instruments;  listen;  one; or;  recently; spend;  watch;  when;  where;

1 What kind of music do you usually ____________________ to?

2 Who’s your favourite singer ___________  group?

3 Who did you like _______________ you were in junior high school?

4 What’s __________________ of  your  favourite  songs?

5 How much time do you __________________  listening to music?

6 _________________  do you usually listen to music?

7 What kind of music do you _____________________  ?

8  _____________________  you a good singer? Do you like karaoke?

9 About ________________  many CDs do you own?

10 Have you bought any good CDs _____________________   ?

11 What are some ____________________ you’ve been to before?

12 Can you play any musical ______________________   ?

13 What kind of music shows do you ___________________ on TV?


Students put the questions to each other and answer them.


III. Making a poster (group work)

      What do you know about these musical instruments?


Students are making a poster with the pictures of the guitar, the dombyra, the violin, the bagpipes.  They should describe them using active vocabulary, find the information from the Net, try to sound them.


e.g.                                       the dombyra



Kazakh                                                it sounds

instrument                                             beautifully

it has 2   famous

strings    dombrists



  1. Listening (individual work)


Teacher: Let’s listen to the amazing playing the instrument. Who is the performer? Which musical instrument is he playing? Do you know his name? Do you know what kind of musician he is? What other famous violinists do you know? (Aiman Musakhodzhayeva, Zhamilya Serkebayeva, Vanessa Mey).

Students listen to Marat Bisengaliev’s playing the violin and answer the questions.


  1. Reading and swapping information (group work)

ex.3 p.147, 148

Teacher: What do you know about him?

He has had an interesting life so far. Look through the chart of events in his life and speak about the things he has done.

Students are making up the sentences about his life events. Then they give their opinion.


  1. Music Quiz. How are you good at music? (group work)


Students are listening to Kazakh, Russian and English songs and guess the name of the song and its singer.

1) Group “Baiterek” – Astana;

2) группа «Божья коровка» — Гранитный камушек»;

3) Group “One Republic” – Counting Stars;

4) Group “Maroon 5” – Moves Like Jagger;

5) Группа «Муз  Арт» — Сен келерсің бір күні»;

6) Михаил Шуфутинский – «Марджанжа»


VII. Self-Assessment


1) Students assess themselves according to the given table. (individual work)



  poor fair good excellent
I can use topic vocabulary        
I can understand and speak about music, musical instruments, singers        
I can describe people’s feelings using  adjectives        
I can interview my classmates about their preferences to music        


2) Students are given the cards. They should finish the sentences: (group work)

We know …

We have learned …

We want to know …


VIII. Conclusion 

    Home task:  exercises 4, 5 page 148,149;

exercise 10 page 150

Teacher: The lesson is over. Thank you. Good-bye!


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