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Авторская разработка урока биологии на английском языке «Type of Molluscs. General characteristic. Classes of molluscs» для 7 класса

Ключникова Марина Николаевна
КГУ «Средняя школа №4»
г. Кокшетау, Акмолинская область, Казахстан

Тhe theme of the lesson

Type of Molluscs. General characteristic. Classes of molluscs

The purpose of the lesson:
Generalize knowledge about the structure of molluscs.
Tasks of the lesson:

  1. Conduct a test of students ‘ knowledge on the topic of coelenterates
  2. Repeat the structure and value of molluscs.
    Language purpose: to study terms : malacology, mantle,shell, foot, head, body, tentacles,
    circulatory system, nervous system, respiratory system, genitourinary system.

Course of the lesson.

I. Organizational moment.
Good afternoon. Please sit down.
II. Repetition
Task 1
Work on the interactive whiteboard. Show the hydra body parts.
Task 2
Say true /false
Put «+» or «-»

  1. Cell is the basic unit of the structure of all living organisms.
    2.Shell ,nucleus, cytoplasm –the main parts of cells.
  2. There are plastids in the animal cell.
  3. Viruses are made up of cells.
  4. Living cells only feed.
  5. Cells are identical in shape and size
    7.The human body is made up of cells.
    Task 3
    Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
    1.Сoelenterates live in the _.
    2.Тhe radial ____ of the body.
    3.Coelenterates have _____ cells.
    4.______ -the outer layer of cells
    5.______ – the inner layer of cells.
    6.Digestion — internal intestinal and _______.
    7.Coelenterates __ through the surface of the body.
    Jellyfish are used for _.

III. New theme
Write down the topic of the lesson in a work book.
Questions to class.
What science is studying molluscs?
What are the signs of molluscs?
Malacology is the science of molluscs. Molluscs are three-layered invertebrates.
Mantle-the skin fold.

Type of Mollusc

Class Bivalve Class of Gastropods Class Cephalopods
Draw a molluscs in a workbook

Internal structure of molluscs
Circulatory system
Nervous system
Respiratory system
Digestive system
Genitourinary system

Write down the correct statements

  1. All mollusks are aquatic animals.
  2. The shell of molluscs is protective
  3. All mollusks have a bivalve shell
  4. Body of mollusks outside covered skin
    fold – the mantle
  5. Radula-tongue with a grater

IV . Pinning the topic.
Write the terms in a work book
English Russian
Malacology Малакология
mantle мантия
shell раковина
foot нога
head голова
body туловище
tentacles щупальца
circulatory system кровеносная система
nervous system нервная система
respiratory system дыхательная система
genitourinary system мочеполовая система

V. Homework
Learn the terms


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