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Разработка поурочного плана 1 класса

Казахстан, г. Актобе
КГУ «Средняя школа №23»
учитель английского языка
Сармурзина Айнагуль Исмагуловна

Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing  to: 1.L3 recognize with support common names and names of places; recognize the spoken form of a limited range of everyday and classroom words

1.S3 pronounce familiar words and expressions intelligibly

1.R1 recognize sound and name the letters of the alphabet

1.UE8 use simple imperative forms  for basic commands or instructions

Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to:

— sing the song Come on everybody! with the help of teacher

Most learners will be able to:

— give commands using stamp your feet, jump, sit down, stand up, clap your hands, dance

— talk about  favourite  toys .

Some learners will be able to:

— make up dialogues using the new words.

Language objectives: Learners can:

By the end of the lesson learners will be able to

—  give commands using stamp your feet, jump, sit down, stand up, clap your hands, dance

—   sing the song Come on everybody! with the help of teacher  

Key words and phrases:

Commands: stamp your feet, jump, sit down, stand up, clap your hands, dance

Imperative mood. Clap your hands! Stamp your feet! Jump!

Useful classroom language for dialogue/writing:  oral
Discussion points:
Can you say why we have our own rooms? In L1
Writing prompts:
Assessment for Teaching Criteria based assessment

Assessment criteria:

Give classroom instructions or commands using imperative forms


A learner

— gives command to classmates;

—  follows instructions correctly.

Self-assessment: Traffic lights

How to overcome barriers in learning English Use pair work and group work

-Use toys

-Ask more questions

-Encourage learners to exchange opinions and views in small groups

Total Physical Response

Previous learning  Toys
Planned timing


Planned activities    Resources
Start (Beginning of the lesson) Greeting: Teacher greets learners; learners respond to greeting and take their places.                                                                                                        T: Hello children! How are you? (students greet the teacher and say We are fine today and you?)                                                                                    Revising the previous lesson: What toy have you got?

Warming up: Play «Ball Pass» and say Take a soft ball and pass it to your nearest student, saying «Pass». Have each student pass the ball around the circle. Next, hold the ball and say I ‘ve  got a pen. Have each student say their favourite toy as they pass the ball to each other..                                                                                                        How do you think what theme we have for today? Teacher asks one pupil to stand up/  to open the door/ to jump  and then asks the learners to identify today’s theme. Teacher introduces lesson objectives to the learners.                                                               










Middle (of the lesson)




D) Teacher pre-teaches the words using gestures and mimes: stamp your feet, jump, sit down, stand up, clap your hands, dance. Asks the learners to help her. Teacher asks learner to pay attention to sounds. Ex: stamp s’ [sound].

Teacher takes feedback using mimes, gestures.

W) Learners listen to the dialogue for two times.

D) Teacher demonstrates a mime gesture from the dialogue to go with each of the actions above.

Physical drill


— follow teacher’s instructions;

—  repeat the rhyme.

Listen   and repeat after the teacher.

1. Stand up, please! 2. Hands up! Clap — clap!

3. Hands down! Shake — shake! 4. Hands on the hips! Jump – jump!

5. Sit down, please!                                                                                                         Pupils repeat chorally and individually. Give a command;

Listen   and do actions the whole class and then individually.

G) Class is divided into two lines facing each other. The first group   give random instructions, e.g. clap your hands and the second group perform the mime.

Pupils books open

W) Track35 CD 1.Learners listen to and sing the song Come on everybody! with the help of teacher.

W) Learners dance to music and sing the song with pleasure.


Song: Come on everybody!, CD, DVD players, picture dictionaries, a worksheet with an empty room outline , room object flashcards, notebook, CD, Student’s book1, Activity Book 1


End (of the lesson)                   Reflection  Self-assessment: Traffic lights                                                                                

Ask students to look at lesson objectives they set at the beginning of the lesson and think and say what they did well in the lesson and what needs improvement.

  Traffic lights cards


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